Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dee-Con 2012 is still happening.

Unfortunately there was a minor hiccup with the Facebook event page for Dee-Con 2012, and the event page has since been deleted, which in turn notified everybody that the event was cancelled.

Dee-Con 2012 is NOT cancelled. All previous details still stand. Saturday the 7th of April, Mid day until 2.30am (including 18+ afterparty).

We're sorry for any confusion, but the situation was entirely outwith our hands. The Facebook event was hosted by the former D-Con group, which has expired and been archived.

Please spread the word, as there were around 200 attendees on the group who don't follow the Official Dee-Con 2012 Facebook Group (<click that and join if you haven't already).

Again, sorry for the confusion, hopefully this won't cause any problems. Expect a new facebook event page as soon as possible.

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