Monday, 26 March 2012

Confirmed Events Schedule.

Here's the finalised schedule for the days events. You can find more info on the seminars and talks in the previous blog post HERE. Some of them should be really interesting! If you've got any questions feel free to post on our Facebook page... You'll usually get a pretty prompt response.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Seminar timetable confirmed!!

We are pleased to announce that all our guest speakers and panellists have been confirmed! Talks will take place in Meeting Room 2 and the timetable will proceed as follows:

1pm: Lolita Fashion - Terry Krueger and Ailsa Partridge

An Introduction to Lolita Fashion

Candy curls and cupcake skirts, bonnets and bows, frills and florals - sound familiar? You may have spotted a lolita. But what exactly is lolita? Terri Krueger will take you through the looking glass with an introduction to this intricate fashion, as well as some tips on how to achieve the look for yourself.

The Myths About Lolita Fashion in Tokyo

After a long love affair with lolita fashion, Ailsa Partridge abandoned the cobbled streets of Edinburgh to make her home amid the neon skyscrapers of Tokyo. When she arrived, she quickly realised that not everything she'd been led to believe was true. Join her as she relives her voyage of discovery: the truths, the myths, and the outright surprises encountered by a Scottish lolita in Tokyo.

After the talks, there will be an open Q&A session; alternatively, if you'd like the speakers to address anything particular in their talks then go ahead and post on the Dee-Con Facebook page!

2pm: Cosplay 101 - Yuki

Whether you have never cosplayed before, are new to the scene, or are a veteran just looking for some refreshing tips, this is the place for you! Come to learn about some of the basics of cosplay, from picking out a good character to picking out the perfect wig and everything in between. There will also be a lot of time to ask your questions and I will answer them as best I can!

3pm: Manga: A Global Phenomenon - Dr Chris Murray (MLitt in Comics Studies Course Leader, Director of Scottish Centre for Comics Studies)

This talk will explore the origins of manga, and its development in Japan, before considering how it spread throughout the world, tracing its influence on the comics cultures that it encountered. The particular focus will be on the different ways it influenced Western and Eastern comics, from its profound effect on American comics in the 1980s, and the ongoing influence throughout Europe, to the developing Chinese comics scene. The talk will address the aesthetic and formal impact of the various Japanese styles of comics outside Japan, and will throw open several questions for debate, including, whether the influence of manga on other comics cultures has always been a positive development, whether the influence and spread of manga is likely to continue or is waning, and how the rise of manga has changed the comics industry, and readership.

4pm: How to Draw Anime - Alice De Ste Croix aka DestinyBlue

This workshop starts with the basics of constructing anime characters before going onto more complex tips and techniques used by the pros. It teaches the use and importance of guidelines to help you get features places correctly, how to draw and shade consistently good anime eyes and how to make sure you get those body proportions right.

5pm: Scotland Loves Anime – Andrew Partridge

In this talk, Andrew Partridge will talk about his work as director of acclaimed animation festival, Scotland Loves Anime, and about the promotion and proliferation of animation across the UK and beyond.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Dee-Con 2012 is still happening.

Unfortunately there was a minor hiccup with the Facebook event page for Dee-Con 2012, and the event page has since been deleted, which in turn notified everybody that the event was cancelled.

Dee-Con 2012 is NOT cancelled. All previous details still stand. Saturday the 7th of April, Mid day until 2.30am (including 18+ afterparty).

We're sorry for any confusion, but the situation was entirely outwith our hands. The Facebook event was hosted by the former D-Con group, which has expired and been archived.

Please spread the word, as there were around 200 attendees on the group who don't follow the Official Dee-Con 2012 Facebook Group (<click that and join if you haven't already).

Again, sorry for the confusion, hopefully this won't cause any problems. Expect a new facebook event page as soon as possible.