Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Situation.

There's some debate online questioning the authority and authenticity of the current D-Con 2012 event. We'd like to clarify what's going on. The situation as it stands is, the right to organise the event is being contested by a previous organiser.

We apologise for any confusion, but the dispute will be settled in the near future. What we can confirm, is that there will be a free anime/arts convention held in Dundee on the projected date (which is subject to change). This event is fully endorsed by the Dundee University Student Association, DJCAD, and The Union. Whether this is called D-Con remains to be seen, but we've got a dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic committee working on making it the successful and enjoyable event you've all come to expect.

For the time being, we'll be promoting the event under the D-Con name. If you've got any specific enquiries feel free to email and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. In the mean time, you can stay up to date on current affairs by liking us on Facebook. You can view and respond to the Facebook event here. If you've not got a Blogger or Google account, you can receive blog updates via email by registering on the right hand column. 

This event is for you, the fans, and we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Keep spreading the word, and stay tuned.


  1. Just so you know I spoke to Rachel via the old e-mail and I'm still very much wanting a table for this con. I hope you have kept me on whatever list it is you have going - I certainly don't want to miss out because of a technicality :P

  2. Don't worry at all, just keep an eye out for when we do the call for artists (should be within a few days) and you should get a place no problem :)